Feathered Friends

Montagu Springs has almost 200 exotic and domestic waterfowl on the resort

Montagu Springs Holiday Resort is home to almost 200 feathered friends.

We have 38 different varieties of exotic waterfowl, supplemented by a range of domesticated waterfowl.

Many of these wild and domestic birds roam freely throughout the Resort itself and along the embankment of the Keisie River, which flows serenely over and through the rocks of the miniature waterfalls where the waterfowl frolic.

Swing benches and outdoor furniture are located strategically along the water’s edge, where guests spend much time admiring the antics of the birds, especially at feeding times which are daily at 10h00 and again at 16h00. A whistle blows to indicate the start of feeding time and all birds, resident and wild, fall out of the skies to enjoy their free meal. This daily bird-feeding creates an ideal bird-watching opportunity for children and adults alike.

We are a large distributor of waterfowl in the Western Cape and if surplus stock is available it is offered to the public for sale. Posters of our ‘Feathered Friends’ are for sale at the office.

Please click on the links below to see images of our myriad birdlife.