Hiking trails near Montagu

The beauty of the Klein Karoo is hard to put into words, which is why we’d rather recommend some outdoor activities while staying at Montagu Springs. That way you’ll get a firsthand perspective of this incredible part of South Africa. There are numerous hiking trails in the area, so we thought we’d suggest a few that you can have a look at and decide which one to enjoy once here.

Bloupunt Hiking Trail

The trail is the longest on our list and at 15.6km it is a fantastic day out for those accustomed to hiking. Depending on the speed with which you walk, the trail can be completed in anything from 5 to 9 hours. There are a number of interesting sights along the way, including the constantly changing panoramas as they vary between ravines with mountain streams to craggy cliffs with some amazing rock formations. At the summit, Bloupunt is 1266m high and once there, you will be presented with breathtaking views as far as the eye can see, in every direction. So much so that you can even see the nearby towns of Ashton, McGregor, Robertson, Bonnievale and of course, Montagu itself. As an added bonus, there are three small waterfalls just off the main route on your way down, and they offer the perfect way to cool down after a good hike.

Cogmanskloof Hiking Trail

At 12.1km, the trail is a little easier to complete than Bloupunt, but it should be noted that the first 2km from the overnight cabin are pretty steep, but after that the route becomes very easy. It will take between 4 – 6 hours to complete the hike to the Cogmans summit, and although it’s only half the height of Bloupunt at 690m, it offers a gorgeous view of Montagu, the ravines and the mountains. Stunning rock formations, wild flowers, Proteas, aloes, erics and “sewejaartjies” colour the backdrop of this wonderful trail.

Loverswalk and Badskloof Trail

This is also referred to as “Mayor’s Walk” by locals, and is a short, 500m walk through the banks of the Keisie River, below Kanonkop and through to Joubertpark. It serves as an extension to the Badskloof trail, which is about 2.2km in length, so if you crave something a little shorter than the first two, but longer than 500m, Badskloof could be just what you’re after. Note that Loverswalk is free, while Badskloof does charge and entry fee at either end of the trail.

So there you have it, three wonderful hikes to enjoy next time you stay at Montagu Springs.