We helped a little girl Reach for a Dream

We recently helped a little girl, Caley Malgas, reach for her dream, and it couldn’t have been more successful! Here’s a detailed account of her day in Montagu with the Reach for a Dream foundation.

Cayley loves seafood and an ocean/pirate-themed lunch was arranged for her at Ocean Basket on Kloof Street which has a lovely outside area. The table was decked out beautifully in a perfect shady corner of the courtyard. Cayley and her family – mom, dad, 12 year old sister Cleo and 1 year old sister Skylar – arrived at the restaurant with big smiles on their faces.

When she saw her special party area she jumped up and down, clearly thrilled that this had all been done especially for her. She immediately donned the pirate hat and held on to her Dream Teddy (nicknamed “Reach For A Dream”) while getting stuck in to the bread, mayonnaise and garlic. This little girl can eat!! She loves seafood, particularly mussels, and couldn’t sit still while the waitress took her family’s order for a seafood platter to share.

The Reach for a Dream team had recreated a childhood game whereby Cayley was given a magnet-tipped fishing rod which she used to fish for different sea animals (adorned with a magnetic paper clip). Each sea animal she fished out of the “pond” had a number on it that corresponded with one of her various dream goodies, and what a hit it was! After opening her first dream parcel that contained fairy wings, a tutu, wand and a host of Tinkerbell goodies, Cayley allowed us to paint one nail before she insisted that it was time to go fishing again.

Her next bout of fishing resulted in some sparkly Barbie goodies and thereafter a real Barbie! The look on Cayley’s face when she unwrapped her Barbie is a picture that will be etched into our minds and memories forever. Clearly a daddy’s girl, she raced around the table to show daddy her new dolly, completely overwhelmed with joy. She ran back to the fishing pond, at which stage (scared that all the gifts would run out before the lunch even arrived) we told her she could open one more before lunch and the rest after. Sensing that words weren’t a sufficiently binding contract, we pinkie-promised and the deal was sealed. She drew out a lobster that matched with a beautiful Hello Kitty doll’s house and at this point, was invited into the kitchen to get a behind the scenes tour of how a restaurant operates.

Cayley wants to own her own mussel shop one day but although initially curious, she was a bit frightened by the shucking of an oyster and hid her face until we crept around the corner to see some prawns being cooked; which she looked at with big eyes. Luckily by the time we returned to the table, the seafood platter had arrived and this little girl tucked into her food with absolute gusto! She is an absolute pro at de-shelling prawns and slurping up mussels and by the end of her meal (she refilled her plate 3 times) her face was covered in sauce and a massive grin.

After lunch, she raced back to the fishing pond for the 2 major dream goodies of the day! Instead of a sea animal, Cayley picked up a cut-out of a dream bear with a special message on the back. It instructed her to close her eyes and rub her real dream bear’s tummy, all the while thinking about her biggest dream ever. She obliged and upon opening her eyes and unwrapping her gift, gasped at the beautiful Barbie swimming costume and Hello Kitty towel in her lap. She then opened an envelope addressed to her containing pictures of her favourite place in the world – Montagu Springs! When she realised she was going to Montagu Springs with the family for the weekend, she jumped up and down, glee spread all over her little face.

Thinking that was the end, she was surprised to find out there was one more item to fish for. When she opened up the corresponding parcel and pulled out a pink helmet, I’m not sure if she was just excited about the helmet or knew that it meant a bicycle was around the corner. Either way, she was absolutely delighted!

One of the Ocean Basket waitresses wheeled in the pink and purple Cayley-sized bicycle which our gorgeous dreamer hopped straight on! She and her family had had such a terrific time at the lunch, it was wonderful to see them laugh and relax together. They bundled all of their new goodies into the car (luckily they have a bakkie!) and off they went to Montagu Springs for a beautiful weekend of fun in the sun, family braais and bicycle trips around the resort.

pirate table

waterfishinghappy caleyfamily

It’s time for the 8th Wine on the River Festival in Robertson!

For the past seven years Robertson has been transformed for one weekend of the year for the Robertson Wine on the River festival. This coming weekend sees the 8th recurrence of the event and it is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet. With more than 300 wines on offer for tasting, the weekend of 18 – 20 October is one you simply can’t afford to miss if you love the Klein Karoo.

The host of the event, Goudmyn Farm is situated on the banks of the Breede River between Bonnievale and Robertson, and it provides a wonderful venue for this family friendly festival. Summer also seems to be rearing its head, much to the delight of those who spent the winter in the Western Cape, so a lovely warm weekend on the Breede River with good friends and delicious eats and drinks simply can’t be beat.

On offer will be wines from the Breede River valley, some wonderful picnic style delicacies to enjoy with some world-class wines as well as some fun for the kids. With an emphasis on being a family friendly festival, all of those attending, under the age of 18, will be allowed to join in the fun, for free. There are numerous activities planned for the day including jungle gyms, face painting and more.

As the event is this coming weekend, finding accommodation might be difficult in Robertson, but Montagu Springs is close enough to allow you a day trip while enjoying the gorgeous scenery of the region.  There’s also a shuttle service running from Montagu, and you can find more information about them on the Wine on the River website. It’s sure to be an outstanding event and with the convenience of being able to stay in Montagu and travel through via shuttle, there’s no excuse to not escape to the country this weekend!